5 Blissful Years in the World of Publishing

This is going to be be one of those gushing posts, one of these posts that describes why I’m beyond thrilled to work in the world of publishing. When I was a young child, my Mother got a career in publishing. It continuously astonished me that cartons of books would show up in our front hall every single day. I could hardly wrap my head around that she got to go out to bookstore each and every single day to talk about book with bookstore owners. I vowed that when I got to be old enough, I would follow her path. I would make a career of working in the world of literature. It’s been five years in this industry and I still love it as much as I did on day one, when I knew no one here in Toronto, when going to a launch party by myself was one of the scariest things I’d ever done.

Now five years later, I wake up and I’m grateful to go to a desk that’s continuously piled in literature, some of it classics, most of it books that will be coming out in the near future. The best part of my career is getting to talk to readers each day. I get to ask you what you’ve been reading, hear what you thought of a particular book and spend the majority of my day talking with bookworms. It’s really as wonderful as it sounds.

There is another great perk though, because like all of you, I’m a book lover and when an author that I admire walks through the door, I still gush (ask my colleagues, they’ve witnessed it). Word on the street was that Salman Rushdie was going to be coming to the office and that the department that I’m in was going to get to interview him. Of course, I squealed, because he’s in my top 3 favourite author category. When I found out that I was going to get to interview him using a collection of Twitter questions that we’d compile prior to his arrival, I was honored. It felt like a made it moment (I’m going all Oprah style here). Never could my seven year old self sitting around piles of books in my parents Halifax home that one day I would get the opportunity to interview the literary great Salman Rushdie. But it happened and I’ll forever cherish that moment.

Without further ado, here is the video of Salman Rushdie answering some questions Twitter had for him and some questions we asked him:

And because it wouldn’t be right not to share with you my new favourite picture, I also got the amazing opportunity to meet cookbook chef Curtis Stone last week. Based on the picture below, it’s very obvious to see how ecstatic I was to meet him!

Curtis Stone’s new book What’s For Dinner will be in stores in April 2013 and of course, Rushdie’s new memoir Joseph Anton is available in stores now. You can also watch the film adaptation of Midnight’s Children in theaters today.

I’m on Cloud Nine

In the morning, I usually roll over hit my alarm, make a coffee and check my email before I start getting ready for work. This morning when I checked my email, I got the best surprise EVER! My blog, this blog, got 1st place in the Arts and Culture category in the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards!

I’m beyond thrilled and wanted to say thank you to Schmutzie who is the founder of the Canadian Weblog Awards, thanks to the jurors and especially thanks to all my readers who always leave lovely comments that make me smile.

An additional thank you to the incredible Jennifer Hogg that designed my AWESOME header. Be sure to check out her website (with one of my Besties Lindsey MacCabe) Shoot and Cut and follow her on Twitter.

The Joy of Books

I have many guilty pleasures… Jersey Shore, chocolate, Cosmo magazine, but two of my guiltiest pleasures are books and You Tube. When their powers combine, you get this amazing clip of pure happiness. My thanks to Type Books, located here in Toronto who made this amazing video possible.


Be sure to follow Type Books on Twitter for lots of bookish updates!

Say Something Nice

I’m tired of writing excuses about my absence, so instead, I’m going to share a video I found online today that made me smile:

… and now to say something nice to all of you who are dropping by:

Life is short, so be sure to fill it with friends that love and support you, family who never lets you fall and books that take you on countless adventures.

Stay tuned for my review of the new Brian Francis book, “Natural Order” tomorrow morning!

Goodwill Bookstore in London Ontario makes me smile!

This weekend I went to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in London Ontario. I left on Friday afternoon from the hustle and bustle in big city Toronto to the relaxing and beautiful town of London, Ontario. It isn’t a surprise to my family that I’m a book lover, so my Aunt thought it would be fun to take me to the Goodwill Bookstore to check out the great book selection, all for under $5.00

Rolling up to the bookstore, I sensed it was different from the other Goodwill/Salvation Army bins I normally dig out of, it looked really welcoming on the outside and I soon realized that the bookstore itself had a separate wing of the store, with its own hours and its own doors. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but I was able to obtain one from the internet (I heart you Google for making my life so easy).

This image was obtained from this website

Quickly upon entering, I knew my credit card and I were in trouble. It was filled with categorized selections of books and they weren’t the “typical” books you find in used stores, you know the ones I’m talking about… Fabio is either on the cover or it’s a beat up Nicholas Sparks novel. There was four bookshelves filled with popular fiction, books that still have yet to make it to the reduced shelves at Chapters/Indigo, all for approximately $4.00. The other categories ranged from history, mystery, literature to a beautiful selection of books recommended for teachers. That’s just naming a few, the categories were endless and so well-organized that one could be in this store for hours upon hours.

They other lovely aspect to the store is that fact that they had chairs set up around the store so people could browse their selections prior to purchasing. I can honestly say I haven’t seen such an innovative way to provide literature to a community in quite some time and its evident that everyone in the community is helping to give back by donating copious amounts of literature.

There is also a great article here that is definitely worth checking out to read more about Mary Beechie who manages the store. I obtained this picture from that referenced article:

You’ll understand my excitement about this little piece of paradise when you see what I picked up from the Goodwill Bookstore for a whooping $20.97

Can you say SCORE!? I’m still giddy with excitement, especially after discovering that Brian Francis’ “Fruit” is a signed copy! For more information on this store, you can follow them on Twitter @goodwillbooksto

*I’m also inserting a plug for my Aunts fabulous website, Work Story ; this is a place where you’ll find video after video of people, just like you explaining how they got their start in their careers. You might even find of video of yours truly on the website! If you’d like to share your Work Story, you can find the details here on how to join the fun!